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Classic Brass Knocker Alarm Clock (Red)

Classic Brass Knocker Alarm Clock (Red)


  • Stylishly designed with a simple and clear way to tell the time
  • The Classic 2 Bells alarm system = louder alarms
  • long lasting and very efficient

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Looking for a alarm clock that is loud, nicely designed and able to get you up from your bed in the morning? Then this classically designed Brass Knocker alarm clock might be what you need. This alarm clock looks like as if it was plucked straight out of yesteryear. That’s partially thanks to the alarm, which takes the old-school approach of a mallet banging between two bells. The contrasting metal body and brass accents also give this alarm clock a significant dose of charm missing from many analogue alarm clocks today. it also doesn’t have a “snooze” button that the modern clocks have, which is very useful to make sure you only get that one chance to stop your alarm clock from ringing and wake up to start your day

Length: 8.7 cm

Width: 5.7 cm

Height: 12.3 cm