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Silicone Cooking Spatula – Orange

Silicone Cooking Spatula – Orange


  • Curved Edge Spatula ideal for folding dough, flour, batter mixing and easy scooping. Thin square shaped flexible spatula for scrambled eggs, as a turner for foods in skillets, such as omelettes, or use as a scraper to get the last remnants from mixing bowls.
  • Extremely durable spatula heads made from tough, food grade 100% pure silicon. Will not melt, warp or shatter from high heat, unlike rubber, metal, wooden, plastic or Pyrex versions
  • All of our spatulas have translucent, acrylic, glass like ergonomic handles which help you to hold and grip the three tools correctly.

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Very useful tool made from super soft, yet tough wearing 100% silicone, with comfortable, acrylic handles.

curved edge that is ideal for scooping, folding dough and flour, mixing up batter etc.

Why silicone spatulas are the best: Metal accessories are notorious for scratching cookware and bakeware. Plastic and rubber utensils can melt, and wood can scorch or burn.

Silicone is soft, so will not scratch like metal. Also, our spatulas are made from 100% silicone, so they are completely BPA free. Additionally, silicone will not melt like plastic or rubber, and will not scorch or burn like wood.

Available in Red, Green and Orange

Length: 5.7 cm

Width: 1.5 cm

Height: 25.5 cm