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Vintage Style Wooden Mini Jewellery Box

Vintage Style Wooden Mini Jewellery Box


  • Made of Wood
  • Great for pretend play or for party favours
  • Perfect for hidden treasures, these miniature treasure chests are loads of fun
  • Ideal for storage, gift, keepsake, trinkets, jewellery.
  • Strong clasp and hinges, attractive pale wood with a low grain.

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This tiny little box is perfect for a gift or for you or for someone special.  They can be used as storage boxes for trinkets, keepsakes, jewellery etc and are ready to decorate with paint and more, or you can leave them as they are! This box also has a very nice carved design to it in the shape of a rose at the top. The lock is also nice and sturdy and is doesnt feel very fragile or delicate at all!

Length: 9.8 cm

Width: 6 cm

Height: 6 cm


Additional information

Dimensions 9.8 × 6 × 6 cm

Blue, Pink, Yellow