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Wooden Puzzle – “The Chuck”

Wooden Puzzle – “The Chuck”


  • This is a puzzle that is suitable for both adult and children. 
  • A unique and special wooden brain teaser puzzle.
  • The lock may look simple, but it contains lots of mysteries.
  • It is usually easy to take apart but very difficult to reassemble.

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This is the BEST GAME for developing intelligence and improving your ability to balance. Its a very healthy way to enhance your mental ability.
This is a unique ancient Chinese puzzle with age-old ancestral locks, some could complete it in a second, others may take a hour, or even go a full day without completing it!
This puzzle became a popular toy for all, thanks to its functions of not only relaxing both the mind and the body, but it also helps to boost your intelligence and make your fingers even more flexible.
Length 14 cm
Width 14 cm
Height 14 cm