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Wooden Puzzle – “The Cluster”

Wooden Puzzle – “The Cluster”


  • Beautiful and intriguing puzzle
  • The completed puzzle is a beautiful art piece to display on a bookshelf or coffee table
  • Classic handmade design
  • This interlocking mechanical puzzle is a wonderful gift for both adults and children.

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The puzzle is to build the 12 pointed star from the six identical pieces. It is known that a six piece diagonal burr was sold as long ago as 1875.

Nowadays it is often called The Cluster because of the star-like cluster of wooden blocks making this puzzle. It has also been sold commercially using other names – all suggesting it’s striking shape – Gem Cut Puzzle, Chestnut Burr & The Snowflake.

Length: 5.7 cm

Width: 5.7 cm

Height 5.7 cm